flowers of life

I decided to try out for myself the infamous plant experiment, which proves that they’re able to understand and sense everything just like any other living creature on the planet.
So I started cultivating two plants.I watered and fertilized them equally.
The first one I kept telling how unbelievably beautiful she was and how happy and lucky I was to have her in my life.
The second one I criticized and insulted on a daily basis; I told her she was a dirty skank and how disgusted I was by her. Sometimes I ignored her for days and other times I spat on her leaves.
Two months into the experiment the first plant called me an inconsiderate jerk, douchebag and a fucking asshole; she blossomed out into breath-taking beauty and announced she was leaving – probably to find someone who would take better care of her than I did.
The second plant doesn’t blossom and is [at best] average-looking, but she keeps bringing me breakfast in bed; she massages my feet; cooks and cleans around the house and claims she will stay with me till the end of time.

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