Relationship Geometry


Relationship Geometry is pretty simple, although everyone is baffled why it [almost] never works out.

Proofs are necessary in math, but a definite deal-breaker in any relationship. Wasted energy into drawing intricate formulas to back up your love and loyalty kill every positive emotion. And before you know it, a two-way relationship takes the form of a triangle or a square (edit: unless the original agreement was for a polygamous relationship; I hear it’s quite..trendy these days to try it all, to have it all, to lose it all; I feel sorry for kids nowadays – we used to fail at one relationship at a time and it was barely bearable; now you have to fail on multiple fronts – how utterly devastating) while the original two lines drift apart beyond repair. For others the relation is the equal sign put in between two, different in appearance, but effectively identical formulas..and despite the obvious outward difference that very sameness is what drives them towards each other. Those have a shot in hell of lasting. Most likely. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to get bored and look around for new equations, new can be perfectly satisfied with the one(s) you already have and still look out of curiosity. That’s an issue for me and, basically, the reason why I sucked at math in school and suck at love in life – I never understood the driving force behind searching for another way to solve an equation or prove a theorem if I’ve found one that works and I am [pretty] content with it. I never understood what motivated the constant obsession to create and destroy in a perpetual circle of utter obsolescence through different methods if the end result is always the same. Pure insanity if you ask me.

In reality it’s fairly simple – the moment you take out either one of the sides of an equation, you’re always left with a zero. That’s all the math I need to know.


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