it’s a feline thing

There is a common inclination to compare women to cats. Putting aside how pretentious this comparison is, there are undeniable arguments in favor of the wild theory. Of course, whether the creature prefers to purr on the couch or scratch the wallpaper in the living room is a matter of personal preference.

Drawing analogies between women and cats is as old as the world and borders on the line of cliché. As much as I adore both types of predators there are several elements in their common behavior that are quite alike.

Women as well as cats have either been worshiped or prosecuted for witchcraft.

It’s nice to have a woman as well as a cat in your bed.

When there’s a cat in your house you can never be sure what’s keeping her there – you or the warmth of the home.

Only women and cats can still maintain their dignity while begging.

When the cat presses against your feet you think she loves you, but she’s actually spreading her scent  to mark her property. Or maybe she loves you. Or maybe she’s just marking you. Is there a difference?

Both, in the spur of a heated argument, can be referred to as a ‘creature’.

Cats and women pass their entire lives, balancing between cautiousness and curiosity.

When you live with a cat or a woman you can never be sure if she’s living with you or you’re living with her.

Regardless of the fact that both are highly intelligent and intuitive, cats and women act mainly on their emotions.

Cats and women always expect something from men..And men expect them to there.

Cats and women always trim their fur, even when they’re not going out. Not that they’ll run to someone else, but who knows..

After the cat leaves you, all that’s left from her are few scattered hairs, chew toys and a litter box. And all those things are screaming at you how unjust and cruel you’ve been. Staring at them you wish you could hunt her down and beg for forgiveness till the end of time.

Cast and women will always test the boundaries of what’s acceptable and what they can get away with.

A cat can scratch out your eyes just because she’s in a bad mood. Afterwards she’ll curl up in a ball in your lap and you’ll forgive her everything.

If the cat is pressing herself against you too hard she either wants something or she’s feeling lonely. And you never know which one is it. She might have pissed in your shoes, but there’s no point holding a grudge about the past..Although the cat never forgets.

A cat cannot be convinced or forced. You have to be firm, but gentle with her. However, if you’re too firm she’s going to piss in your shoes and if you’re too gentle she’ll take advantage of you.

The cat will bring you a dead mouse once and spend the rest of her life convinced she’s provided for you.

You remember every cat who’s lived with you as a separate life despite the fact all cats were the same. Although the creatures were different after all. Go figure.

When she disappears, a cat leaves behind more questions than answers.


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