gender [in]equality

I’m not a feminist and I’m not a misogynist. Honest! I honestly believe that women are superior to men in many, many ways. There was an accurate description summarizing the not-so-subtle difference between the sexes in a book I once read: “A man is a thing;a woman is a being.” The longer you live the more it dawns on you just how true this is. 

In any way it’s fairly obvious that a stupid man is far worse than a stupid woman. Hear me out. A stupid man is a public menace; he’s an incompetent, deluded primate limited by his lesser drives and aggression, capable only of inflicting pain onto those around him. At the same time a stupid woman can become a highly skilled housewife, model (yeah, I said it, so sue me), caregiver, artist or PR consultant, basing all of her achievements on nothing more than intuition and belief in the good in people.

The main problem stems from the fact that men and women are stupid in different ways. Stupidity in the latter is actually closer to what we usually refer to as ignorance and thus goes hand in hand with an almost blissful delight in discovering the earthly delights of the world while remaining unaware of all repercussions. Women’s stupidity is simple ignorance without malice – truthful inability to understand coupled with lack of desire to learn. Hence all the stories and sayings that it’s impossible to convince or teach a woman anything she;s not willing to consider.

Male stupidity is a whole other story – it’s overpowering, permeating and, above all, active. If you were to open any of the numerous online dictionaries you’ll notice at the core of the definition of ‘stupidity’ is some type of illogical, unintelligent and/or poorly thought-through action

This is why women rely on the foolproof tactic of finding someone who seems to have a better understanding of things than them and hitch a ride or lay low and wait for things to change. Men, however, run around hectically and wreck emotional and all other sorts of havoc due to inability to stay put and simply do nothing. Do the math which scenario leads to worse results in the long run.

What’s worth mentioning is that in intelligent men and women things are in reverse, meaning that smart men are generally more equipped to do something productive with their mind than women. In this case being passive, which is their trademark, keeps the latter from exploring the full potential of their intelligence.

Fortunately, the construct of the world is such that smart people are far less than stupid one, and since we already established that stupid women are better than stupid men, it’s safe to deduce that the present paradigm is well sustained.

What was my point again? Ah, yes – women are better than men in so many, many ways..



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