figuring in out

You’re capable of driving me insane in less than a minute with all those conceded tactics so typical of the female population. I know what you want from me – you want a man who’s so head-over-heels in love that he mutters when he calls your name; he turns up at your doorstep in the middle of the day with a ruby rose ‘just because’; he listens to your rambling on about feelings, day routines and nasty gossip as he shakes his head in understanding; he worships the ground underneath your feet in a celebration to your rightful place as the Mother Goddess unjustly taken away by the patriarchal¬†order of things and, above all – you want a horny teenager who’s burning with desire to ‘have you right then and there’ to constantly validate your worth as a sexual nymph.

But, baby, that ain’t gonna happen. Adolescence is a¬†period in life and learning to grow out of it is the key to moving forward, to making something out of your life and of yourself. You claim you’re after a mature, centered, wise and secure man, but the minute you find him, you women immediately start with your beloved tests. You test his loyalty, his feelings for you, his commitment to a mutual life together, his honesty, his capabilities of a provider and, finally, his limits. You’re only lucky we’re as dedicated to protecting and nurturing that delicious vulnerability your fragile feminine nature is so capable of simulating to entice us. And by the time we figure out what’s been going on for a while, we’re too far into the game to call it quits.

There’s only one thing you should know and stop with the theatrics:

Marriage is hard. Getting divorced is hard. Being single is hard. My dick is hard. Your nipples are hard. Everything is hard. Deal with it.