second chances

Sometimes I think that the only way we could make it work is if we went back to being strangers. And re-write everything,

We’d meet and introduce each other. You’d follow my nervous gestures as I run my fingers through my hair, and I’d laugh at your jokes.

The conversations will be long, so will the walks. You’ll learn about my life and find every insignificant detail from my past fascinating because it made me the way I am today. And I will cherish the man you’ve come to be through heartaches and struggles.

We’ll create new memories. This time we’ll be careful not to stop hiding our flaws and let everything fall apart like the first time.

But, most of all, you’ll do better at hiding the other women, and I – at pretending it doesn’t bother me.


love horoscope

I’ve never really understood why people have bumped up the number of zodiac signs up to the unnecessary twelve. Not to mention having spent centuries trying to find some type of connection and general personality traits typical to each assigned anthropomorphic symbol. Naturally, I can’t speak with confidence about men, but when it comes to women all it takes are three signs to lay down the law and the correlation:

Sheep: Woman born under the zodiac sign Sheep baa in awe before every man that lingers just long enough to satisfy their most basic urges. Consequently they will believe anything he dares to come up and never even think to question his motifs, reasons, excuses, explanations and lies. This type of woman longs for coziness, being part of a herd and a strong and just owner, who ‘knows better’ than her what her needs, wants and goals should be. And just like a modern version of a sacrificial lamb she will gladly place her dreams, hearts desires and hopes on the alter at his feet ‘for the greater good’. His, of course.

Dog: Incidentally this sign is not all that different from the preceding one as in addition to craving a master and a home to belong to, the woman born under it continuously goes out of her way to please the said master. His approval, comfort and well-being becomes the centre of her universe just as not letting him down or provoking him becomes the strongest driving force behind her actions. Needless to say, most men consider landing a Dog in the shape of a woman as their ‘meal ticket’ (I know, this is a terrible pun, that’s the point).

Cat: Many similarities have been drawn between women and cats and it’s not a coincidence. Women born under the zodiac sign of the exquisite feline are just as conceded, elegant, mesmerizing and unpredictable. As opposed to the Dog that morphs and adapts to fit its owner personality and appearance, the Cat rather unknowingly changes the person living with it until he fits her perception of him. The fleeting nature of the sign means women come and go without warning, explanation or a reason, and leave behind more questions than answers. But the biggest enigma – one that felines and women have shared for centuries – is that, despite being highly intuitive, careful, perceptive, intelligent and analytic – they will always base their decisions on a whim, a mood or a feeling. And the only thing a man can do is deal with it.

figuring in out

You’re capable of driving me insane in less than a minute with all those conceded tactics so typical of the female population. I know what you want from me – you want a man who’s so head-over-heels in love that he mutters when he calls your name; he turns up at your doorstep in the middle of the day with a ruby rose ‘just because’; he listens to your rambling on about feelings, day routines and nasty gossip as he shakes his head in understanding; he worships the ground underneath your feet in a celebration to your rightful place as the Mother Goddess unjustly taken away by the patriarchal order of things and, above all – you want a horny teenager who’s burning with desire to ‘have you right then and there’ to constantly validate your worth as a sexual nymph.

But, baby, that ain’t gonna happen. Adolescence is a period in life and learning to grow out of it is the key to moving forward, to making something out of your life and of yourself. You claim you’re after a mature, centered, wise and secure man, but the minute you find him, you women immediately start with your beloved tests. You test his loyalty, his feelings for you, his commitment to a mutual life together, his honesty, his capabilities of a provider and, finally, his limits. You’re only lucky we’re as dedicated to protecting and nurturing that delicious vulnerability your fragile feminine nature is so capable of simulating to entice us. And by the time we figure out what’s been going on for a while, we’re too far into the game to call it quits.

There’s only one thing you should know and stop with the theatrics:

Marriage is hard. Getting divorced is hard. Being single is hard. My dick is hard. Your nipples are hard. Everything is hard. Deal with it.

written and unwritten

Her skin was the colour of chocolate, her eyes were dark and dim, and her hair was blacker than a raven’s plumage. She was precise, fierce and frighteningly consistent in her words, actions and general demeanour. Her movements were gracious and ethereal, creating the illusion she wasn’t walking so much as she was gliding on thin air, leaving behind an almost impalpable scent of desire and madness. She never stood still for too long and there was always a faint breeze drawing in mortals in a deathly grip of longing, obsession and delirium. Men instinctively wished to get a hold of her, to tame her, to domesticate her, to keep her hidden from the rest of the world. But she always found a way to get away with a smile, remaining her usual wild and charmingly free self.

He was her complete opposite. Fair-skinned and freckled with piercing grey eyes that could unnerve even the calmest soul. He always paced himself and was the very epitome of stability and homey comfort. Something about him promised calm seas of domestic bliss. His sense of self-worth and strength of character shined through in every movement, every deed. He was generous in his actions and frugal in his words. People stopped and listened to what he had to say and even the air stood still long enough for him to leave his mark on everyone whose lives he had entered. He liked it.

But what he liked even more was her. With her illogical behaviour and ability to create a whirlwind in a seemingly calm summer day. Everything he had achieved with years of hard work and restrain paled in comparison to the alluring prospect of throwing it all away just to follow in her footsteps and get lost in a world of ‘what ifs’ and ‘never agains’. He was good at planning life; she was good at living it. He imagined holding her head between his palms – his cold calm eyes staring into her fierce gaze. Ice and fire, motion and stillness, inspiration and strength.It would be simply marvelous.

Naturally,she knew. Women always know. Passing by in a fleeting moment she could sense his overpowering presence with all her being. Everything in their lives had led them to the moment when they would stand in front of each other with all the honesty they were capable of. It was inevitable and they knew it. 

He was closer to her than he had ever been; he could smell her scent; she could sense his presence. He felt drawn like never before. It was a moment of simple truth: two sets of eyes were calmly gazing at each other.

– “Checkmate.” – the Player exclaimed, moving his Black Queen to F1, next to the White King.